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Capri's most iconic sight is the dramatic Faraglioni, three towering rock formations which jut out from the Mediterranean just off the island's coast. A photo with this breathtaking scene in the background is a must for all visitors to Capri.

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It's a woman's dream (and Chrissy Mack's). From Gucci, to Louis Vuitton to Hermes, it's like Bond Street but in the sunshine. Few places in the world can boast such a high concentration of designer shops as Capri. Make your way along Via Camerelle & in these 100 meters you'll come across all the biggest names from the world of fashion. 



Anacapri is located above Capri town away from the hustle and bustle. Few visitors make it to this laidback little village, a fact which blesses Anacapri with a more authentic Italian feel. Although it doesn’t offer the same glamour and celebrity allure, the family-run restaurants and cafes of its quaint little plazas offer the perfect setting for a laid back afternoon. Take the chairlift up to Monte Solaro which is the highest point in Capri. You can spot virtually all the island’s major attractions from the top, & even as far as the Bay of Naples & the Amalfi Coast.



Capri’s extraordinary beauty is best appreciated from sea level. Take a half day tour with Tonyno - who operates the best boat tours on the Island. He will take you into the Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where the sea glows electric blue, the result of sunlight passing through an underwater cave.

If interested in this then just let us know and we'll provide you with Tonyno's contact details. Once off the boat, head to Da Paolino for some of the best Italian food on the island in a beautiful garden setting where Tonyno's wife, Michele, will be serving you.

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Experience the breathtaking views from the terraces overlooking a dramatic Tyrhennian seascape & via Krupp. Tucked away on the southern edge of Capri Town, the beautiful botanical gardens boast a vibrant array of flowers.  You can also admire the views from the clifftop terraces. Sparkling blue waters & the famous Faraglioni rock make for a Capri photo opportunity. If here over lunchtime, then stop for lunch at Ristorante Il Geranio - they do the most amazing Ravioli Caprese. Capri rooftop is also nearby; a great venue to have a drink early evening whilst admiring the views & music.



The best spot on the island for the sunset. The Lido del Faro beach next to the Punta Carena Lighthouse is an idyllic spot to pull up a towel and sunbathe. After spending a lazy afternoon swimming & soaking up those rays, make your way to the nearby Punta Carena Lighthouse to watch the sunset over the sea.

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